New Home Walk-Through

Final Steps In The New Home Construction Process

Blackburn New Home Walk-Through

At Blackburn Homes, there are three important steps in the process where we accompany buyers to visit their home for a walk-through. Walk-throughs are your opportunity to see how your home is constructed and verify that the selections and options chosen during the redline meeting are being installed. 

Walk-Through #1: Framing and Electrical

During this step in the process, floors, walls, and roof systems have formed a waterproof barrier around your home’s skeleton. Electrical and plumbing contractors have begun running pipes and wires throughout the home. Heating and cooling ductwork and air vents are being installed.

Walk-Through #2: Drywall and Cabinets

At this stage, your vision for your new home really begins to come together. The drywall is installed and textured inside the home while the exterior finishes you’ve chosen are added outside the home. Interior paint, countertops, backsplashes, trims, doors, and cabinets are also completed. 

Walk-Through #3: Homeowner Orientation

During this step we will explain how various features of your new home function and how they should be properly maintained.   This visit also offers us an opportunity to provide you with the procedures to change the utilities over to your name, give you the Home Owners Association information and contact list, and review the warranty program for your new home.

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