Steps in the Home Building Process


        Pre-Construction Planning

Before Blackburn can stick a shovel in the ground, local government must approve the architectural designs and plot plans for home construction to begin. A lot of behind-the scenes-work is happening. This is when Blackburn Homes asks the city for permission to start building your home, and we gather all construction documents that the jurisdiction requires to submit a permit application.  Keep in mind, that the building permit approval process can take up to several weeks, however, be certain that all the administrative side of things are coming together in a timely manner to create a smoother home building process!

Plumbing Rough

Once we have a building permit, the construction team will begin to prep the homesite for the build. Starting with staking the lot, forming, and filling to form a layout for the foundation and the plumbing rough installation. During this time water supply lines and electrical wires are connected underground to ensure water enters and exits the home properly.

Foundation Pour

After the plumbing rough installation passes city inspections, the construction team moves forward with the remainder of slab prep. Beams will be dugged in and rebar cables are installed then the construction team calls for engineers and city inspections. After engineering and city inspections pass, we then begin to pour your home’s foundation.


While the concrete cures, Blackburn begins to frame up the home (3-5 days process). The framing stage begins which is the slowest stage since the structure of the home is slowly taking shape; sheathing installation, window installation, and poly seal is applied to begin the dry-in process. In addition, several engineer and city inspections are being completed during this stage.

Rough Mechanicals and Inspections

In the next stage, the plumbing top out, the electrical rough, and HVAC rough systems are installed through the interior walls, ceilings, and floors. A city inspector will then examine and verify that all framing, wiring, and ducts are installed in accordance with residential building codes. After inspections are completed, the construction team will reach out to schedule the first home walk-through appointment.

Insulation and Exterior Finishes

After all electrical wiring is installed, we then set up all air conditioning and heating equipment and immediately after installation city insulation inspections take place. 

        Drywall + Cabinets and Trim

When insulation inspections are done and the city gives us the green light, we will then proceed with masonry installation. It is also, during this time, that drywall is hung and taped on the interior walls and ceilings, as well as textured. Immediately after, the construction team will schedule the cabinet and the decorative trim installation.

Decorative Selections & Mechanical Trims

After cabinets and trim are put in place, the primary coat of pain is applied to the home and flooring is laid throughout the house as well as, the kitchen backsplash. Countertops are also going in during this time and the electrician team installs light fixtures and electrical outlets. The plumbing team sets up toilets and sinks. At this time, the construction team will move forward with scheduling the second home walk-through/Owner Orientation.

Irrigation & Landscape

Now that the interior of the home is about done, we begin exterior grading the front yard and start to prep for landscaping. During this final stage of the building process, the city conducts final building inspections to ensure that the home is up to par to be turned into the homeowner.

Finishing Touches and Owner Orientation

After the construction team fine tunes any exterior & interior items that were addressed in the walk-through or by city inspectors, the Construction Manager will conduct a final home walk-through with you complete a final quality check of your home and will provide a Certificate of Occupancy Form as soon as home construction is complete!


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