New Design Center

We have exciting news to share: we have a new design center in Austin, Texas! 

Located at High Tech Flooring & Design, you can find our very own design center in the back left located behind a sleek pair of glass doors. Since our homes are personalizable, that is where you and our in-house designer come in!  

Choose exterior patterns, interior countertops & cabinets, as well as paint colors all with help from Maudie, our new (to Blackburn Homes) and highly experienced designer.  

Maudie is no stranger to the new home building game, as she’s worked in about every aspect of the process: from home sales and account management to purchasing and design. With lots of prior experience working with highly respected and very notable new home builders, we are beyond thrilled to have Maudie on our team.  

After choosing your floorplan and elevation with your sales representative, you will be scheduled for two sessions at our design center—both around two hours long. When preparing for your appointments, it’s encouraged to bring design inspiration pictures, Pinterest boards, screenshots of Instagram accounts, or any other visual tool that can help us understand and help you obtain your home goals. 

 At your first appointment, we cover essential selections. This consists of cabinets, counters, floors, wall tiles, etc. Since these products can range in price, this initial step helps get an idea at what costs will look like for you and your home.  

Most new home buyers come to the design center with interior budgets front of mind—taking away from the experience and the ability to allow for options out of fear of spending too much money. It is especially important to Maudie that you trust in her help through this process. During your first appointment, we encourage clients to create their “home puzzle.” This concept is ideal for those teetering on the idea of several options and allows you as the new home buyer to have the full experience. Without viewing pricing, our designer has you lay out all your favorite tiles, cabinets, and floor pieces on a table. After getting an understanding of your wants, we ask that clients are transparent about their budgets. We then help each client achieve their goals—finding pieces similar with friendlier price tags or helping clients decide where to compromise and where to spend the extra money.  

After completing those initial choices, you're on your way to your second appointment where we will cover more catalog items like lighting fixtures, doors, hardware, blinds, paint color, etc. This is where your puzzle really comes together, adding the minute details that will complete the space and truly make it your own.  

Even if you’re unsure of your design capabilities, you are in great hands with Maudie at our design center. Explaining her passion for helping clients create something they absolutely love, Maudie also exclaimed how “it’s rewarding to help clients tap into the creative side of their brains that they don’t always get the chance to tap into.” While some new home buyers come to their first design appointment apprehensive, we love seeing the transformation as they leave happy and confident with the beautiful home they have created at our design center.  


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